Uticaj svemira (Space Influence)

Vukan / Wolfgang S. / Uticaj svemira

Uticaj Svemira is Vukan’s music project dedicated to his early electronic music recordings in Techno-Trance style. This project title (“Uticaj Svemira” in Serbian means “Space Influence”) is taken from Vukan’s debut LP released in 1995 only in Serbia, on a CC tape format (label ITV MM, SOKOJ 1050). This LP contains 8 tracks and all were recorded in winter-spring of 1995.

uticaj svemira by wolfgang s

In June 2020, Berlin based electronic music label Foundation released four of Vukan’s tracks from 1994/95 on 12″ vinyl under the title Collected Works. A side features two tracks taken from his 1995 debut LP: “Crna Rupa” (Black Hole) and “Nedođija” (Nowhereland). B side is home to two tracks recorded in October 1994 that were never previously released: “Deep Green” and “Over Moon”.

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